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Cala luna

One of the wonders of the Gulf of Orosei, as well as a symbol of the eastern coast of Sardinia. Cala Luna is located halfway between the territories of Baunei and Dorgali and is characterized by the mouth of the Luna cave stream. The cave is protected by steep rock walls framing it and dotted with shadows and large natural caves offering shelter from the sun of the hottest months. The golden beach in the middle of the cave immerses in a crystal blue sea.


Cala Goloritzè

Cala Goloritzè is part of these corners of paradise that Sardinian nature has to offer.
Located on the eastern coast of Sardinia, in the Gulf of Orosei in the municipality of Baunei, Cala Goloritzè is one of the most beautiful coves in the Mediterranean. Formed after a landslide in 1962, which has given it many distinctive features: the spire that overlooks it, the natural arch near the sea, a path to get to the beach full of surprises.


Lake Cedrino

the most spectacular of all the artificial lakes of Sardinia: the Cedrino, immersed in the pristine green of this splendid valley between Orosei and Nuoro where local flora and fauna offer an unforgettable spectacle.



S'Ozzastru Mannu

An exemplary among the oldest in the area. Located in our estate, easy to reach. Come and admire it!